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La Cascina di Marta:

Our passion for cooking has led us to create Cascina di Marta, a workshop of projects designed to enhance the taste and quality of excellent Italian products.
Thanks to our experience in the international market, we have been able to promote the excellences of our land, by exporting high-quality gastronomic products. Now, we want to spread our vision in Italy as well: a cuisine that is not just a taste experience, but also acultural journey, showing respect for the dedicated and professional producers and operators.
For this reason, we have established communication and sales channels, that create an almost direct link from producers to consumers, through 'taste journeys' that allow discovering the history and characteristics of each individual product . Cascina di Marta is a philosophy of life, based on love for food and our land.
In our e-shop you can find a wide selection of typical Italian products, carefully chosen from the best local producers.
These are exclusive products, representing the best of our food and wine tradition.

Signature Dinners

Signature Dinners are exclusive events where guests can savor the creations of our Executive Chefs, who imaginatively and masterfully interprets the selected typical products of La Cascina di Marta.

Signature Dinners also provide an opportunity to discover the stories and qualities of local producers who supply the raw materials for the chef's dishes. Guests can also purchase the products that captivate them the most on La Cascina di Marta's e-shop, which offers a wide selection of Italian gastronomic excellences.

These Signature Dinners take place in charming and welcoming locations, where guests experience a unique blend of taste and conviviality.
To participate in these not-to-be-missed events, guests need to reserve their spot and prepare for a culinary journey with La Cascina di Marta.

The Signature Dinners

The Signature Dinners take place in selected locations, providing the necessary technical conditions for our Executive Chefs to create their culinary masterpieces.

The locations participating in the The Signature Dinners project benefit from significant visibility, thanks to the communication campaigns orchestrated by La Cascina di Marta to promote the event.

La Cascina di Marta's objective is to establish stable and lasting relationships with these locations, by organizing events throughout different periods of the year, avoiding strategic dates for their businesses.

Furthermore, to enhance the local realities, La Cascina di Marta ensures its partners an exclusivity advantage, by not selecting other locations within the same territory.

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